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Direct Marketing Solutions was founded in 1988 by Tom Ingala, a veteran of Direct Marketing on both the client and vendor sides. Tom began his Direct Marketing career over 25 years ago in a sales role and several years later moved over to sales management and marketing roles.

Tom earned a BA and MBA from Hofstra University in New York. While Tom and his wife Eileen are originally from Brooklyn, NY, they now reside in the small rural community of Salem, Kentucky (population 769). In addition to running an active recruiting firm, they also manage their 100+ acre farm on behalf of habitat improvement and wildlife preservation.


Tom Ingala with his dogs
Tom Ingala with his dogs

Some of our professional associations include membership
with the following organizations:
The Chicago Association of Direct Marketing
The Direct Marketing Association of Southern California
The Directory Of Executive Recruiters
The Direct Marketing Association of Washington
Call Tom Ingala at (270)-988-4888