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Direct Marketing Solutions is a contingency search firm specializing in direct marketing. This means that our clients pay our fees based on results, not just our effort.

We do not advertise to attract candidates. Rather, a thorough search effort is conducted using client information, personal industry sources and confidential referrals to uncover potential candidates. We possess an extensive research database of candidates and companies compiled and updated since 1988. This database is the foundation of our network.

Our search process allows us to quickly uncover, recruit and thoroughly qualify the best industry talent available in the shortest amount of time.

Once candidates have been recruited, and resumes obtained, we spend a considerable amount of time reviewing each candidates resume with them. We then obtain the information that both client and candidate need to know so that we can make the best possible match.

Please note: All of our searches are held in the strictest of confidence. At no time will we share the candidate name or resume with anyone unless that candidate has given us permission to do so.


Call Tom Ingala at (270)-988-4888